Friday, February 15, 2008

Superman--31st Disability Blog Carnival and More

Check out the 31st Disability Blog Carnival.

Also check out my post cross-posted on Blog[with]tv. Thanks Connie, this is pretty exciting!

Update: I have had the chance to read about half of the Disability Blog Carnival Entries---WOW!!!!!


Blog [with]tv said...

Thank YOU, Terri! We're always looking for great disability related articles at Blog [with]tv. So keep 'em coming!

Jim said...

Looks like I will be busy reading many of the blogs relating to disabilities. In the past few weeks, I dealt with issues with disabilities in general and how the society is treating those with disablities including parents and caretakers. In my own experiences, the government, the so-called experts, as well as society still have physical and societal barriers inhibiting fulfillment of quality of life for those who are disabled.

Terri said...

Yes, Jim there are many issues and attitudes that can make things much more difficult than necessary--hope you enjoy the blog carnival!


Mayor of Kentonville said...

Thank you for the article