Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Mental Retardation," Quality-of-Life, and Kidneys--Oh MY!!!

This is a picture of Andrew taken through the snow this morning. (You can read more about him here.)

This is what my friend Kim, Andrew's mom posted on facebook this morning:

"Things I didn't know when Andrew was born... 1. that he has Down syndrome 2. that before he turned 18 he would be interviewed by TV & newspapers, make history as an actor, and be on a billboard!"
This, on the other hand, is the story of a little girl named Amelia who has been denied a donor kidney by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia because of the assumption that there are more worthy and less worthy people--and that worthiness is determined by IQ...

Quite the juxtaposition, don't you think?

The physician said he was warned that Amelia's parents were very involved with their child--like that's a bad thing... As if HE is the one who truly knows the child's value and that THEY are the ones that don't get it... The doctor also stated that denying the kidney was difficult for HIM (well, it's killing their daughter!)

Ableism is more than unkind and ugly... Ableism can kill.

Here is a post (from quite a while ago) that explains some of the ways life with intellectual disabilities has changed since this physician was in med school.

Please, read, sign the petitions, write a letter. Help save this little girl's life.

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