Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blog Carnival, Tropic Thunder and other Bits and Pieces

Thing one: Blog Carnival #43 is up at cherylberyl. I didn't write for it this time, but I wouldn't miss reading it!

Thing two: Check here to see the follow up on the story of Rudy Wallace who I wrote about back when I started this blog. There has been a little justice--nowhere near enough.

Thing three: Free Words Hit Like A Fist cards here.

Thing four: here are some more bloggers weighing in on Tropic Thunder:
Lovely and Amazing
5 Minutes for Special Needs
Equal Not Special
Tristan and Chanelle
Beneath the Wings
Wheelchair Dancer
The Special Parent
Evergreen Digest

The visible solidarity that the disability community has established (for the first time) has the potential to potentiate our other efforts to establish ourselves in our communities. Our next steps, now that we have raised a few waves is to sustain the energy. This is done by building on the relationships you made in your community through this effort and by initiating the next wave of presence/credence/influence.

Video from The Arc of Virginia and Blueberry Shoes Productions


rickismom said...

Terri, your point on my blog about euphemisms is very good! Actually, I wrote this tongue-in-cheek, as I type using the "Columbus method" (find a key and land on it...). Although I have gotten, amazingly, pretty fast (in English at least; in Hebrew I am slower), these LONG terms are a real pain to two-fingered typists like me! LOL

Barbara said...

There is a VERY lively discussion going on in the comments at: Recommend you have a look.

Terri said...

Thanks Ladies, this is great discussion to be having!