Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Word for 2009

Another one of my weekend indulgence bloggers, Ali Edwards, has an annual tradition of choosing a theme word for each year. She is famous for her scrapbooking designs, has a son (who happens to have autism) and is expecting soon. Her word for 2009 will be "nurture."

I am intrigued by this tradition and I like the idea of an overriding principle better than a list of resolutions. I always make too many resolutions in too many areas of my life and end up frustrating myself. I simply can't make a short list or juggle a lot of plans at once...

I am joining in for the second year. Last year my word was "do" and I really tried to take an action-oriented approach in many areas of my life. This year I have chosen the word "reach." I love the way this one word encompasses striving, achieving and connecting all of which have great meaning to me at home, at work and in advocacy.

So what is your favorite resolution or your theme word for 2009?

So, in 2009 may we reach for equality, access and justice, may we reach new levels of inclusion, acceptance and welcome and may we reach one another!

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rickismom said...

lovely idea!

I have heard that the way to succeed in resolutions is to make VERY small changes, and ones that can be measured (sort of like a good IEP!)

Terri said...

Are you familiar with She is my baby-stepping guide!

datri said...

I think my theme word of the year is "balance"

Ashley's Mom said...

Wow, I had no idea that you and I were posting on the same thoughts. Here is a link to my 'word':