Monday, April 20, 2009

Five Things I Love About Being A Mother

I was sent this meme by Rickismom and thought it would be fun to play along. I am responding kind of late to this, but that is ok because if I had tried this a week or two ago I would only have been able to comment on laundry and dishes and the thousand other tasks that were overwhelming me. I think I can do better than that this week.

1. I love being in a family that looks out for each other, cares about each other and has fun together.

2. I love that I have watched these kids grow and develop from the beginning--seeing how their various personalities and strengths have played out and I love looking forward to even more of this as they reach adulthood.

3. I love the ways my children have expanded my life. They have introduced me to music, foods, interests, people, and parts of the world that I would never have seen or known about but for their interest.

4. I love the way motherhood has made me a stronger and more confident woman. A teenage girl asked my son how I stood up to the schoolboard on an issue a couple of years ago--he shrugged and he guessed it was because I'm a mom. He was right, I'd never really needed to advocate until I had kids to advocate for--now try and stop me!

5. I love how my kids support each other (even in the midst of heavy teasing!) My daughter teaches my son the phrase of a song, my son accompanies my daughter to the gas station when she needs gas after dark, my youngest daughter watches the clock and reminds her sister that it's time for work.

I pass this along to Terena at Gravity Check and Alison at The Bernard Bunch (if the Princess doesn't mind!)

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