Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bits and Pieces

To start with, a funny story: Jenn was looking at a doll the other day. It had kind of a thick body and a screw that held it together right in the middle of the abdomen so my daughter thought there must be batteries and asked me how to make the doll talk. I looked the doll over and it didn't have batteries after all and I said she wasn't a talking doll.

Later I heard her tell her sister about the doll. She said "That doll doesn't talk. We need to get her a dynavox!"

(FYI: a dynavox is a voice-output communication device. Several of Jenn's friends use them.)

New York Times: Gary Presley, author of 7 Wheelchairs, blogger and FB friend had this essay in the New York Times last week!

Disturbing Fact: New York has over 6000 people on its waiting list for adult services. Check out your own state's statistics and sign the end-the-waitlist petition.

New blog: Check out this new blog by Penny Green. She is a mom. Sadly, her son with Down syndrome died 20 years ago from heart complications. She is from the UK, and an activist for folks with Down syndrome--especially those with heart issues. Stop by--and like all of us, she loves comments!

Finally: What do you make of this?

The picture is of my daughter wearing paper sunglasses--don't know why... Funny, my sister-in-law didn't send me the pics of her wearing them... :)

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therextras said...

"She needs a dynavox." Love that!