Monday, May 10, 2010

The Carnival's Coming!!

The next Disibility Blog Carnival will be hosted here next week and the topic is "Story."

Here are some of my thoughts on story:

Story is the stuff of relationship. Story makes information meaningful and 'random' anecdotes connect.

People with disabilities historically have been removed from society's stories--they lived elsewhere, went to different schools, worked different jobs (or didn't), and to a large degree were left out of the history books...

The story society tells itself about disability--that disability is suffering and tragedy--often upstages the stories that people with disabilities live every day and tell whenever they get the opportunity.

Story introduces, bridges and explains...

Stories can be useful in advocacy and as therapeutic or teaching tools....

If you have a story to tell, or something to say about the power of story submit either in the comments on this post or on this post at Disability Studies. Or, if  you put Disability Blog Carnival and Story in the title of your post we (and by 'we' I mean Penny!) know how to find it!

I will be collecting posts all week and plan to post the carnival May 16.

So, whats YOUR story??

(You're right Cheryl, high time I posted this!!)

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Terena said...

drat! I missed it. what a great topic, too.