Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Doings in Rochester!

Geva Theater in Rochester has a new play opening this week and one of my daughter's friends is in the cast!! The play is called Over the Tavern and has played in many cities around the country, but this is the first city where a young man who has Down syndrome plays the character with Down syndrome. (Plus it's Andrew! We have known him since he was a baby and Jennifer thinks 'he is so funny!')

According to Andrew's mom, the character isn't as high-functioning as Andrew which was a little worrisome at first, but that's why they call it acting!

This is a great opportunity for Andrew, it is nice exposure for people with disabilities and good experience for the theater as well... And they say the show is funny. We are getting tickets--hope we see you there!


Anonymous said...

You are in Rochester? I never put that together I guess. My in-laws are from East Bloomfield and we visit Canandaigua several times a year. Should do a meet up sometime?
That play sounds cool!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is great!

Terri said...

We should DEFINITELY meet up! The play was really great. Very funny.