Thursday, July 12, 2012

Disillusioned: SSI. Painful.

Went to Social Security again today for Jenn... May I say UGH?

The service I received, for Jenn was very good. The whole experience was, once again, UGLY.

This was my second experience. The SociaL Security office in our town looks new, and clean AND is absolutely the least confidential place I have ever been.


Last time I was there I was politely treated. The woman who helped me was pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I have no complaints at all.

AND I heard all about a guy who was in prison but couldn't quite remember when he had gotten out. This was while I was in a 'private' meeting in a carrol. Because I had an appointment.

I am quite sure he now knows  all of the particulars of my daughter's life as well.

Because he also had a 'private' meeting.

Uh huh.

Today, I did not have an appointment. I had a small issue to fix. Small enough that it was dealt with at the window (by a very helpful woman who was very patient with my anxiety.)

While I waited to be served however, I heard all about someone who had been injured who had no idea how to get by, someone who needed to provide info about their divorce and more to get what they needed, some serious disdain handed out to a person who didn't know how to work the SSI welcoming computer at the door, and someone whose birthdate had been wrong for SSI for many years--I can tell you exactly how many--and suddenly SS saw it as a problem today (which was true, rules have changed--yes, I heard that too!) ETC, ETC, ETC....

Now, this is me. I was embarrassed and trying NOT to listen--and I have filtered this considerably. So think of what I missed that others could have picked up. One person was distraught (and a little loud, but seriously, they should have been in an office!) about how many years they had worked, how many jobs they had worked, that they had always had insurance, etc until this awful thing had happened in their life... (yes, I might know what that was...)

Then two people started a conversation about motorcycles which served as a BLESSED filter...  They were chastised for talking so people couldn't hear when their numbers were called.

After exposing themselves to God and everyone, these hurting folks had to turn around and walk through the waiting area/audience to leave.

Perhaps it is because I work in an environment where HIPPA is taken seriously (so much so that I beat myself up if I mention someone's name... ever!) Perhaps it is because I have the luxury of being well-treated most of the time.

Or perhaps there is some purposeful decision to make people who need SSI 'pay' for their existence through humiliation??. I don't know, I really don't.

To me this is a huge breach... but not un-fixable.

I will say, it stinks.

That is all.

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