Sunday, December 28, 2008

21 Things Unrelated to Down Syndrome

I got this meme of sorts from rickismom and she got it from Maureen…it looked like fun so I thought I would play too.

• Jenn LOVES movies. Especially musicals.
• She likes the subtitles ON when she watches movies—in ENGLISH she insists. We always offer different language options—we are just annoying.
• She also loves theater and concerts—good thing because her sister is a music (therapy) major and her brother is an actor…
• She loves being in chorus (prefers it without the audience though.)
• She has a very funny sense of humor.
• She loves to listen to the radio and sing along. She knows all the latest songs. Some of which make me cringe, but she is not my only child that knows them…
• She likes to read—gets very attached to certain books.
• She has long, blonde hair.
• She likes the idea of dogs, but not actual dogs.
• Jenn loves to run track—hates basketball (too much noise and they keep throwing things at you!)
• Math, sewing and cooking are great.
• She does not like pickles or spice cookies or salsa.
• She has to be pretty motivated to tolerate loud noises.
• Her favorite foods are pizza, cheeseburgers and whatever I am making for dinner tonight (a refreshing change from her siblings whose least favorite food is whatever I have cooking!)
• Her favorite part of High School Musical III is that Zac Ephron is “mad hot!”
• She loves babies, though they make her nervous when they cry.
• She will negotiate away almost anything to get to sit in the front seat.
• She loves her family and keeps everyone’s pictures on her digital key chain.
• She really does not like shopping though she does like getting stuff.
• She likes going on vacation—and likes coming home at the end.
• She makes everything fun.

About the picture: A bunch of folks standing outside the church where my brother got married. My kids are in the middle, my s-i-l is to the right and my uncle to the left. I don't know who the folks in the background are.


rickismom said...

What a sweetie your daughter (and other offspring too!) look!

Tera said...


I agree with Jenn about subtitles in movies. For me, it always seems like the atmospheric music is too loud and the dialogue is too quiet. Not to mention the preponderance of bad accents.

Has Jenn seen the movie version of the musical "Hairspray"? Zac Efron is mad hot in that, too.

Terri said...

She got it for Christmas (and he sure is!)