Thursday, December 11, 2008

Under the Weather

Note to self: Don't get sick in December!!!! I have been hacking and chilled for the past 3 days and I am so tired of it. AND I am getting NOTHING done. AARGH! Not one foofy bit of seasonal glitter graces my home which makes me a mixture of sad and stressed.

I am supposed to go to a training tomorrow. I want to go to my training tomorrow. I need to go to this training tomorrow. Have you heard of the Eden Alternative?

It is a project (and a process) for turning elder-care from institutional lives everyone dreads to 'lives anyone would want.' What an awesome change!

We are going to hear about leadership from Nancy Fox. I need to get better overnight... OK???


rickismom said...

Hope you feel better FAST! (and enjoy your inservice!)

Barbara said...

I hope you well by the time you read this, Terri.

I'm not much ahead of you - just put-up the tree today. Will decorate more tomorrow.

And, yes, have heard of the Eden Concept. VERY nice. I visited several nursing homes who offer this lifestyle. Very nice.

Terri said...

Thank you, ladies. I am starting to get back to myself... maybe this weekend I will start getting some things done...

On the plus side, I know right where my kids are. They're stuck to my unmopped kitchen floor (actually they have been a HUGE help, but I must attempt humor!)