Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Disability Identity

When it comes to disability identity I want it all!

I want person-first language. I think there is a pretty smooth flow of thought between the hearing of a diagnosis/label and their stereotypes for most people. I think interrupting that smooth flow with a little humanity is good!

I want inclusive and equal and ever-expanding opportunities for all.

I want both pride about the disability movement and acceptance within it. No trying to cover up the fact of a disability and no ranking of which disabilities are acceptable or unacceptable, worthy or unworthy (and I want a society that also holds these values—and I’d like it NOW, if you don’t mind!)

I think disablist discrimination—all discrimination actually—is everyone’s problem and discrimination against any other group (with or without disabilities) is NOT a solution.

I think that diversity that cannot expand to include people with disabilities is not diverse enough.

I want respect including respectful language, rights, safety, opportunity, access and belonging—for all.

I want to belong to inclusive groups, groups relating to specific diagnoses, and coalitions uniting people with many disabilities.

I want the freedom to choose inclusive education AND Special Olympics.

I want people to be unique AND to belong.

No, I don’t think it’s too much to ask! I have only just begun to ask!

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Ruth said...

I love this - reads like a declaration of independence- a bill of rights to me. Great post, thanks!

Terri said...

Thanks Ruth!

Wheelchair Dancer said...

one day ... it *will* be yours and ours.