Friday, September 26, 2008

Advice for Voters

Yes, I'm going there!

I thought this was very good advice:

My friend Laura says that chromosome counting is not adequate criteria for vote casting. She says that she will not be deciding who to vote for based on the fact that Trig Palin has an extra chromosome (like her son.) Or on the fact that Sarah Palin has two X chromosomes (like her.) Or on the fact that the two presidential candidates have both X and Y chromosomes like many people she knows.

She will be looking at other criteria to make her decision.

Are you not proud of her? Do you not think she is hilarious? Shouldn't she have a blog of her own? (She should, she is an excellent writer!)

She felt that after a few things she'd read this position needed clarifying!

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rickismom said...

There are so many issues, we must vote on THAT!!!

Terri said...

Absolutely!!! I hope no one would really consider anything else.

cripchick said...

i LOVE it!