Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Review: 37 Days and Life Is A Verb

Once upon a time there was a blog that became a book… and it was magic!

I have mentioned many times here my enjoyment of the blog 37 Days. Written by author Patti Digh whose resolve to live intentionally and record her heart for her daughters was steeled by her stepfather’s death which happened 37 days after his diagnosis with lung cancer in 2003.

Well, some of Patti’s wonderful, thought-provoking essays are now a book: Life Is A Verb. Not only a book, but a BEAUTIFUL book, full of artwork contributed by her readers, inspiring quotes and more.

Patti has a personal commitment and makes her living making the world more welcoming for diversity of all kinds—and yes, she does include the disability community in this. She served on the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities when Bill Clinton was president and has written essays and tips for respectful presentation of disability. While her essays aren’t mostly about disability, her words on being intentional and inclusive, speaking your truth, and making a difference are both challenging and heartening for all.

Writing a proper review of this book is actually pretty difficult at this moment because this book is made for savoring and reflection and I am resisting rushing through. The book is interactive with wide margins intended for writing and exercises for deepening connections. (And yes, for my friends who know about my Pristine--with a capital P--book obsession, I am writing in it!)

Not only is this book is full of life-lessons to share with our children and each other. I think it contains a sustainable approach to advocacy. An approach that includes care for self and for others and contrasts starkly with the adrenaline charged confrontations many of us know and fear. It’s almost a mentorship.

I love it and I think you will too! Head over to 37 Days to see where Patti Digh will be doing a reading near you and to see the other blogstops on her tour. And check out my next post--an interview with Patti Digh (yes, she really answered my question--how cool is that??)

Well, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere. Come again, we never close!

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