Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Media, Disability and Opportunity

Let me draw some lines here.

This Tropic Thunder protest:

Led to this:

Yes, I have posted this before, but now Dreamworks will be including it in the Tropic Thunder DVDs and possibly shown in theaters as well.

It also led to this issue of The Bridge from The Advocacy Center in Rochester.

And this nomination:

Led to this local news piece:

Sue assure us that she did NOT say what they say she said about poor government programs--and she did NOT say that she joined the our local Down syndrome group to get those services (which is a good thing since our group offers support, education and networking opportunities, and not services!)


We could spend our time quibbling over and claiming (or even demanding) credit for the doors that have opened so far...
Or we could go through the doors while belittling the efforts of those who have opened them...
Or we could spend our energy gatekeeping who can or can't go through the open doors or by pulling them closed behind us...

But let's not do these things, OK?

We have some exciting opportunities here folks. Let's not waste them. Let's build on them. Let's find ways to do this together--the possibilities are exciting.

PS: Big treats coming up soon! Here's a hint:

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rickismom said...

Yes, I think we really got an unprecedented amount of publicity. We will have to see, though, how far it will go, or how much will be written off as stuff from "those weirdos".