Sunday, October 12, 2008

Disability Blog Carnival #47 Is Up

This is the 47th Disability Blog Carnival and it is posted over at Day in Washington. The theme is Policy. As always the carnival is a gathering of interesting perspectives. Go read!

The next Disability Blog Carnival will be posted HERE on October 23rd. The theme will be Disability: Capacities and Capabilities.

There are many things I have learned about and have learned to do because of my experience with disability that I might not have learned otherwise. I think this is true of many of us. I think folks inside and outside of the disability community rarely recognize or celebrate the skills we have gained.

You can send your posts through the Disability Blog Carnival site (which, sadly, has inaccessible CAPTCHA) or you can leave the link in a comment on this post, or in a comment over on Disability Studies, Temple U. Or you can just put Disability Blog Studies in the title of your post and Fearless Leader Penny will usually be able to find them.

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