Friday, October 17, 2008

Reminder: Disability Blog Carnival Here Next Week

Just a reminder folks: I am hosting the next Disability Blog Carnival here next week. My theme is Capacities and Capabilities and I would love to include your post.

What have you learned or become that you might not have without and encounter with disability? Have you become a medical expert, education specialist, behavioral manager, mechanic, efficiency expert, law specialist, problem-solver, activist, interpreter, ambassador, poet? Or something else that I haven't thought of....

Has your faith, creativity, determination, efficiency, patience, impatience, techno-savviness, assertiveness, connectedness, sensitivity, sense of humor or some other trait grown or been changed? Any of the above? All of the above? None of the above, but something else entirely??

Then write it up, or take a picture, make a video, put it in an acrostic poem--or a sonnet, or haiku (though I won't get it--I just don't get haiku :) )

For the record, I know that disability is not all sunshine and roses. I do realize that everything is not all special all the time--I also know there are things that I have gotten to (or had to) learn, and folks I have gotten to know that I would have missed without disability.

Life's a mixed bag. Out of that bag, what are the capacities and capabilities that bring you through??

Think about it and put something together this weekend so I can link us all together next week. C'mon, it'll be fun!

Leave a link in the comments here, at Disability Studies, Temple U.,or through the Blog Carnival form (excluding CAPTCHA in play over there still.) I can't wait to hear from you!

Photo from here.


rickismom said...

Two on others viewing capabilities of our kids. The second is the better one it seems to me.

rickismom said...

My previous comment, and this one are for the blog carnival.

Rob said...

Hi, I found your blog via a comment on the Temple, Disability Studies website. Disability is one of my subjects, and at the moment is the subject of my most recent post at If you're interested in it for the carnival, great. I also wanted to exchange links. Again, if interested, you can reach me via a link at the end of my list of links on my blog. Just to be clear, disability is that my only subject, but it is one I plan to touch on a lot. Thanks.

Barbara said...

Hi, Terri,
I just sent my submission url via email - I did go to that carnival link, but I will need to spend some time to figure it out. (It's because I'm old.)

Hope that's okay. bb