Friday, October 10, 2008

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

So read this.

And this. And this.

Watch this.

Go to one of these.

You are officially Down syndrome aware. Congratulations!

Is this enough? Are you there yet?

Ahem. No.

So what are the next steps you ask?

Respect people with Down syndrome.
Educate folks with Down syndrome.
Include people with Down syndrome in your churches, groups and events.
Welcome neighbors with Down syndrome.
Believe in people with Down syndrome.
Hire workers who have Down syndrome.
Support healthcare for people with Down syndrome.

Appreciate, enjoy and celebrate Down syndrome.

Get to know a person with Down syndrome—it could make your world a better place (it did mine!)

PS: My favorite moment from our local Buddy Walk? When a petite kindergartner with pigtails and Down syndrome said to my 14 year old daughter, "Do you have Down syndrome?" My daughter answered, “Yes, I do,” and they both smiled and sighed blissfully.

Loved. It.


rickismom said...

I dunno about anyone else.
Do you ever get sick of these photo montagues? They are almost always of babies and young children (rarely with adults or teens--which is why I liked the "R word-respect" blurb; it had adults), and often terribly long. An overkill.

I mean, I suppose new parents need this, but I do not believe in deifying kids with Down syndrome. They are PEOPLE (and sometimes Ornrey ones, at that!).....

Terri said...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the post. I interpret the message of photo montage differently than you do, I think.

I don't think it deifies anyone. I think it shows that these kids clearly have Down syndrome--with whatever differences or difficulties or struggles that brings with it--AND they also have great beauty. I didn't think the message was that beauty cancels out challenges.

I really like the message that there is beauty in differences and challenges.

To each is own! :)

You might like the Dreams video by NDSS that I also linked to better. It has people of all ages talking about their dreams.