Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebu-WHAT???!!!! Are you KIDDING me??

Apparently this week marks the release of the new book Celebutard by NY Post writer Andrea Peyser. A look inside the book at Amazon reveals that the author constructed the title by putting together the words CELEbrity and deBUtante. She added the suffix "TARD" because she wanted to convey to the world her heartfelt appreciation and respect for celebs and debs and her inestimable esteem for people with developmental disabilities and their contributions to our culture.


She used the suffix "TARD" to convey her utter disdain for celebs and debs AND people with disabilities.

She intends not only to perpetuate the undeserved negative stereotypes that people with developmental disabilities contend with , but to profit from them.

I have to tell you, it makes me sick. Can you imagine if she'd used the final syllables of the "n-word" instead? Why didn't she, do you think??

I am curious what her friend Bill O'Reilly, who conceded on the air this week that his use of the "r-word" had been pretty tacky, will have to say...

You know what would be GREAT?? If Sarah Palin weighed in against this travesty...

Let's not wait for Bill-O or Sarah P. to do the right thing. Go to the Celebutard website, go down to the bottom to the contact us section and share your opinion. Also, if you happen to live where the author is appearing, show up and bring your "Words Hit Like a Fist" cards and T-shirts. Hers cannot be the only voice the country hears about disability.

Edited to add this idea someone shared: Leave a review on Amazon abut the book...

Also, it was announced this week by actor John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox on Scrubs) that March 31, 2009 will be the First Annual End the R-Word Day.

Dr. Cox, Andrea Peyser needs a housecall--and I'm not sure it can wait until 3/31.

Here's some food for thought .


Processing Counselor said...

Not even shocking. Where can I get one of those t-shirts?

Processing Counselor said...

PS I went to the website, I commented.