Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disability Blog Carnival #53: Potluck, Is Up

You know I love a theme song!

Head over to River of Jordan to see the latest Blog Carnival. This month's theme was Pot Luck--in other words bloggists send in whatever was on their minds. And there was a lot on their minds it seems! I haven't read anything yet, but the topics and titles are very appetizing. I will be heading over for a snack in a little while--join me, won't you? (It's no fun dining alone!)

I brought two dishes to pass this time--one from this blog and one from my new blog which celebrates the graduates of New York State's Partners in Policymaking program. Hope you enjoy them.

And as far as those dirty dishes let me be the first to say "Nose Goes!!!" (LOL)

All puns fully intended!

(My dad sang the first verse of this song around the house when I was a kid--I didn't know about the other verses until today. Isn't the internet amazing??)

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