Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Hot Links

Well, my attempts at scheduling a post completely didn't work--I actually posted between posts somehow... but I am trying again because I just want to know how. Below are some awesome things to check out.

A great article from a parent-advocate.

Here is my sad little poetry day poem. It's a haiku... So you decide, does correct syllable count and mention of season actually turn words into poetry?

Winter walls withhold
identities never claimed-
invisible lives.

I think not!

Now go read this:

A moving poem.

A fascinating concept for idea gathering and community building.

I haven't signed on to rubysbequest yet, but I will this week. I hope you join me, it's one of those things that without lots of participation will not be very representative (or probably diverse...)

An article for Brain Injury Awareness Month from someone who knows.

Have a great day.


Elizabeth McClung said...

I like the Haiku, since winter is for so many in the disability community or rather the apartment, the house that one looks out of, very much invisable lives. I refuse to die in the winter, I'm not giving the stats any more numbers on that!

I also like Crip Chicks poem, thanks for the link. Know what it is to be a monster, know what it is to have doctors pull back in fear, tell you, in confidence, that what you are/have terrifies them.

Well, I guess going around so everyone can thank god they aren't you is sort of a public service (NOT! - change the public, change the service!)

I will look at rubysbequest, thanks

Terri said...

Thank you Elizabeth. Amen-change the public, change the service!

And thank you for encouraging my haiku-ing. Winter does not deserve you.