Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Here's To a Grand New Year

I am having a totally spoiled moment. I am sitting on my couch eating my breakfast of oatmeal with bananas and walnuts AND brown sugar (I usually add in some vanilla yogurt instead. But bananas and yogurt together is just like requesting a migraine, and who would do that? So I must have sugar.)

I am looking out at white snow tipping the black trees against the brightening sky and thinking about writing.

Not writing. Just thinking about it. But that's more than I've done in a couple weeks so it feels like progress to me.

So first of all, Happy New Year to everyone in the blogosphere--In hope your year is lovely in all the ways that you hope it will be, and more.

If you are looking for a New Year's reflection, I recommend this post from Ali Edwards.

Also, I am trying something new for accessibility for this blog. I have added Odiogo. You can click the button at the top of each post to hear it read, or you can click the icon in the right column and subscribe on your ipod or whatever... This is an experiment. I hope it will be helpful for people with vision or reading disabilities. Let me know what you think.

I read this article today on Media Dis n' Dat. I think having a suite for families traveling with children with autism is a good idea. I think it would also be marketable for families with someone who has Alzheimer's disease.

I am not resolving to post more because that is a guarantee that I won't, but I will try...

Happy 2010!

(Oops, was going to post a picture, but my camera and memory card just left with my daughter... So I am posting this video made by kids who grew up on my street, hope it makes you chuckle.)


starrlife said...

Cute vid! Thanks for all of the thought provoking links Terri! Sounds like a great spoiled moment!

therextras said...

The word verification fits your moment: coush. Nothing happens by chance, eh?

Oh - Happy New Year, Terri! (I forgot at my last opportunity, too.)

My word for the year is function.

All are invited. :) Barbara

Terri said...

Thanks ladies, it was a very nice moment... glad you liked the video. The boy in the hats and the girl grew up next door and the boy in the red-striped comfy sweater grew up down the street (and his mom is one of my dearest friends.) These kids--who are not kids--make me laugh.

Function is an excellent word. So is welcome!

Anonymous said...

Buenas noches

I am new here and I just wanted to say hi!