Monday, January 11, 2010

Holiday Gifts (For the Blog Carnival!)

At our house holidays are wonderful. We like the food, the clothes, the decorations, the gatherings, the music...and presents of course, we like those too!

In fact we hate the holidays to end. Jenn told me yesterday that she wants Christmas music back--and this after listening to the radio station that only plays Christmas music, at top volume, every moment that she was home, from Thanksgiving until last Sunday when they went back to regular music. (Personally I am ok with a break from the 75 versions of Frosty the Snowman!)

For us the biggest holiday challenge is gifts for Jenn. She is 16, but a lot of the things 16 year olds like do not appeal to her at all.

She is not close to driving, likes new clothes but doesn't LOVE them, and has no interest in video games or MP# players because they really aren't all that accessible for her (though if we recorded Christmas music... wish I'd thought of that before now!) She doesn't really understand gift cards until she is standing in a store...

She does like movies, but she has tons because that's what folks get her. She likes CDs and books (but at her reading level without being too babyish can be tough too.)

Frankly, she would love toys, but toys would not help her grow up. And she needs to...

She isn't picky, and thankfully she is mannerly, but people want to get her something she will like and be able to use.

This year she got some clothes from her sister and her aunt who are fashionistas so that was good. She got a movie and some books that she seems to like. She got some fancy bath items. She also got a game (not quite a toy, but still fun.)

This year was actually pretty successful.

Her favorite gift?

A picture of Zac Efron to hang in her room (from very cool grandparents!) She explained to the newbies in the house that he was in the movies High School Musical and 17 Again.

"And he is mad HOT!!" she screamed.

I admit watching people's reactions when she tells them about it is kind of fun.

And I know she is not the only teenager to have a poster of him in their room.

Win, win, win!

I am already writing ideas down for next year...

(Black and white picture of a 1951 Christmas tree from here.)


rickismom said...

I had a similar problem for Ricki's last birthday. \i bought her fancy hygiene products.

Terena said...

every year people ask me the same question, and it's a struggle to find the right balance between what is "age appropriate" and "accessible" to Queen Teen. Still haven't figured it out.

But I am thankful she doesn't know who Hannah Montana is. ;-)

therextras said...

All three of you are doing a great job with gifts. Lots of love and thought going into the gifts.


Terri said...

Thank you ladies. And boy does my daughter know who Hannah Montana--and Lady GaGa--is... sigh! :)