Saturday, April 17, 2010

Balance... Yeah, It's a Problem

It is ironic that the first post I am writing after not blogging for nearly 2 months is on balance... Because the reason I didn't write for so long was indeed the lack thereof.

Ahhh well.

What can I say? Life is hectic. There is just so much going on: school, kids meetings and activities, work, life-maintenance and more. Disability, of course, adds to this--sometimes more and sometimes less. Truth is, when things get really out-of-hand my favorite things get thrown into the back seat and buried until I finally clean some stuff out, or until I just can't stand it anymore.

This is NOT a recommended method.

Not. At. All.

This is true if you don't have any disability issues to contend with... and more true if you do!

It is far better to establish some routines for the necessary things in life like laundry, meals and sleep, to set some boundaries around the consuming things in life like projects, activities and uproar, and spice things up with enough of your faves to keep yourself from becoming a dull boy/girl...

Yes, that is definitely the best way.

But, sometimes I forget... until, like now I realize that I am spinning my wheels. I am tired and cranky and tasks I usually find reasonable feel like tremendous burdens. Yuck.

You know? No one really likes me this way. Least of all me. And EVERYTHING gets harder in these seasons...

Time for some reading, some writing and some socializing. Not much of any of them (at a time anyway), but some. In my hectic life--not once I'm no longer busy. Because they just aren't as frivolous as they seem.

My kids are nearly adults... and I am learning this again.

No matter what your daily life consists of add in something you love: bake some awesome cupcakes (and share them with me!), color your nails, write down all the birds that land in your yard... whatever! Fit in a bit of what you love--investing that time pays off in energizing you for the rest!

Remind me of this next time I fall off the earth, would ya??


rickismom said...

Nice post! We always need to have a bit of R&R!

Jan said...

Good to "hear" from you, again. It's perfectly fine to take "me" time.

Terri said...

Thanks Ladies! I am going to try to remember this... for a while!

TheRextras said...

hehe - "more true".

Agreeing with "establish some routines" - that will take some of the time consuming edge off tasks that have to be done regularly. Emphasis on 'some' so as not get into a rut and leave room for some serendipity in life, or, uhm, balance.

"Remind me of this the next time" - careful what you give me permission to do, Terri! hehe.