Friday, April 23, 2010

Tis the (Blog) Carnival Season!!!

A blog carnival is a collection of posts written by various authors (often) on a single topic gathered into one handy place. I have been participating and reading them since I started blogging. Participating in Blog Carnivals is fun to do. They are a great way to learn about different perspectives and to 'meet' new writers, and to have them meet you. The current Disability Blog Carnival, #65, is about 'Balance' and it is posted over at River of Jordan. There is a variety of interpretations of Balance... all good reading. Enjoy!

BREAKING NEWS: Barbara at TherExtras is hosting a blog carnival of her own as we speak!!!! Her topic is Childhood Expressions. Head on over for some good reading.

May is a big month for blog carnivals. The annual BADD (Blogging Against Disability Day) is May 1 hosted by Diary of a Goldfish. Disablism (more often called ableism in the US) is societal prejudice about disability--often a bigger obstacle to success than any diagnosis. Writers write and Goldfish compiles hundreds of post from around the world for this event. To participate (and to grab her cool widgets) see here. Once this is posted you'll want to bookmark the page to go back and do some reading whenever the spirit grabs you.

Disability Blog Carnival #66 will also be hosted in May by me. The theme will be "Story." I will let you know more about that in the weeks to come!


Astrid said...

Thanks for hosting the disability blog carnival. I will be seriouslytrying to participate this time. When is the deadline,? And can I submit via a comment or something, since the site has an inaccessible CAPTCHA?

Penny L. Richards said...

Astrid--the Disability Blog Carnival no longer uses, because of the CAPTCHA situation and because it attracted so much spam. You can submit a link in comments or individual hosts can decide to give an email address for submissions. We also usually find any post with "disability blog carnival" in the title or text.

TheRextras said...

Just chiming-in to say I will post a similar announcement to this later in the week - hopefully creating another wave of readers. Barbara

Terri said...

Astrid, I will look forward to your post (and will let you know the date as soon as I figure it out!)

Thank you, Penny!! (Penny is the organizer of Disability Blog Carnivals!)

And thank you, Barbara--this will be fun.

Cheryl said...

Well... what's the story? (pun intended)