Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disability Blog Carnival: Tell The Story! (With Additions!)

Well, at long last here is the Disability Blog Carnival on Story. I am adding posts and such as I go... so visit often, there may be new rides! :)

Let's kick off this carnival with the wisdom of Frida at Frida Writes. She speaks of the power of story to connect and empower. There are a quotes from Elie Wiesel and John Donne and this quotable nugget that is pure Frida:

"How do we change disablism? Read. Write. Speak. Or sign. Learn stories and tell them. Teach others how to tell them. Edit them. Publish them. Retell others' stories. The power is yours. The power is through words."
Laura at Decor to Adore shares a story of extraordinary persistence... with a wonderful ending!

Rickismom from Beneath the Wings writes of the power of the stories we tell ourselves.

Emma , A Writer in a Wheelchair considers writing about characters with disabilities as a writer with a disability...

Dreamer at Life is But a Dream tells the story of  activites that seem easy to some people present unknown obstacles to others (and that minimizing concerns--by staff--does not make them go away!)

Spaz Girl from Butterfly Dreams shares the importance of collecting the stories of the Disability Rights Movement.

Amanda from Ballastexistenz shares a poem showing the difference between her life as she experiences it and as it is perceived (and judged) by those on the outside--professionals and others.

Barbara from TherExtras tells the story of a cat bite and the value (make that necessity!) of self advocacy when working with systems.

Astrid from Astrid's Journal shares a keychain story of self-realization.

Dave from Rolling Around in My Head tells the power of story at work.

Frogger from Special Siblings tells a success story.

And Penny from Disability Studies, Temple U shares one of the many stories of people with disabilities who came before. Stories absent from our history books and experiences...

Visit Media Dis-n-Dat and Disability News where Beth and Pat (respectively) collect disability stories that make the news around the world.

Lisa from Finnian's Journey shares her story of strides.

Cheryl at Finding My Way brings a video story of activism!

Go forth, tell your stories!

The next Disability Blog Carnival will be hosted by Dave Hingsburger over at Rolling Around in My Head... Also, Penny at Disability Studies, Temple U is looking for next hosts, go sign up with her!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting this together, Terri! People really give on their blogs - there is so much to learn and enjoy. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Hey I couldn't get my act together to join writing but I sure will be reading all of this wonderful stuff! Thanks for doing this Terri!

Penny L. Richards said...

Thanks for this Terri!

Next month's carnival edition is at Dave Hingsburger's "Rolling Around in my Head"

Watch there for more announcements about when and where--Dave has a neat plan for this one, so definitely stay tuned.

Cara Liebowitz said...

Thanks for putting this together, I really enjoyed participating! One teensy little thing though - if you are gonna talk about me, my blogging pseudonym, so to speak, is Spaz Girl. Candidly Crippled was originally the name of the blog before I changed it to Butterfly Dreams. :D great blog carnival and can't wait for next month's carnival!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh what a sweet soul you are.

May you be charmingly blessed.

Mel Fraase said...

Cool! Learned of this through TherExtras! I'll have to get on it and participate in the future! Thanks for your time!

Ruth said...

Great carnival - so many good posts. Thanks, Terri - will be linking to this to spread the word :)

FridaWrites said...

Thanks for including me! I'm about to delve into all these other stories here--thank you.

Terri said...

Thanks everybody, I hope you are enjoying everyone's posts! And thanks for linking here so your friends can enjoy them too!

Cheryl said...

I feel like an echo, but thanks for including me too. I know how much work it can be to drum up enough posts for a carnival