Saturday, February 13, 2010


My son got his SAT scores back yesterday.

I am so tempted to send it to a few people.

Like the teacher who told him when he was 8, "You're just not as smart as your mom thinks you are."

And the teacher who told the IEP committee in 4th grade that she "Did NOT believe in him... at all."

And the IEP team that told me that if he needed accommodations he shouldn't be in (their) academically challenging classes.

It feels very good to be right.

Oh yes it does!


thecatsmeow said...

That's just fantastic! I've had many moments when I've proved those pessimistic types completely wrong, and it just feels so totally good! Here's to hoping that's the start of many great things to come for him. From one NLDer to another, I offer my heartiest congratulations!

Terri said...

I thank you and so does he!

rickismom said...

Yeah, I also once wanted to go back-- to show a principal who said that Ricki could not be integrated, just how well she HAD been integrated at a different school. But she was sure that the other school just had lower standards.......

Barbara said...

Congrats, Terri!

Terri said...

Yes, Rickismom, when people want to exempt themselves they will. So frustrating! So far I haven't sent anything out... have just enjoyed the thought!

Thank you, Barbara! From Tom and I.