Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wrong Again: This Time About Palin and Limbaugh

If you ever want to know how things are going to play out politically, ask me and then know it will be the opposite. Honestly, last year I was certain that President Obama would make more than a behind-the-scenes apology after his Special Olympics dis. And I was equally certain that Rahm Emmanuel wouldn't. And I certainly couldn't picture Sarah Palin tsk-ing a Republican...

And of course I was wrong on all counts. I should have learned, but I didn't.

This week I KNEW for sure that NO mom would EVER put up with the level of POISON about people with cognitive disabilities that Rush Limbaugh spit out on his program this week.

Wrong, wrong, wrongety, wrong, wrong!

Not only did Sarah Palin put up with it, she joined in. She called Limbaugh's vehement spewing of the r-word over and over again "hilarious" and "satire."

I never saw that coming.

Of course, I do realize that disability issues don't give anyone a lot of political traction--if we were that powerful or respected these issues wouldn't even come up. In fact I have mentioned this to everyone who said that Sarah Palin was using her son with Down syndrome as a political prop. I told people that Trig really wasn't going to get her any clout, but with him she might change the world.

And, I realize that Sarah Palin does have a tendency to jump into things she doesn't understand and then quit when they get hard: things like talking to reporters and governing Alaska, for example.

Still, I believed she would hold firm for disability respect because she is a mom.

I predicted that she and Rush would plot something out where he would say that he wouldn't ever be "PC," but would that he would defer to a mother's righteous rage.

Good thing I didn't bet money.

So how will this play out?

Will people see this as another episode of Sarah Palin quitting when the going got tough?

Or will folks see this as proof-positive that disability issues don't pertain to them, and as permission to carry on the traditions of disrespect like a bunch of playground bullies?

Or will people be horrified that when the chips were down a mom, any mom, chose Rush Limbaugh over her own baby?

Or was merely giving birth to a baby with a disability enough for everybody?

At our house we have tons of family stories about how we look out for each other and how we stick together no matter what, how will this event play out in the Palin family stories?

This time I'm not even going to guess.

Read all about this event here. And did you notice this?

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Marj said...

Right on target, Terri. Palin sinks to a new low---AGAIN. Proof positive that partisan politics and whatever she thinks will increase her standing with the poor deluded people who favor her are all that matter to this poor excuse for a politician. This time she has also displayed herself as a poor excuse for a mother. Something even I hadn't pegged her as up till now,.

Terri said...

Thanks Marj, I have to agree, she's a piece of work!

Megan said...

Wonder how much she got paid off? Seriously, this is ridiculous! I don't understand how anyone who says they are an advocate for PWDs and their own child, could retract their statement about someone who deeply offended everyone in the disability community!

starrlife said...

Oh. Boy.- I'm confused after reading that interview of her- she talks out of both sides of her... mouth. Thanks for the commentary Terri.

Terri said...

I don't get it either, ladies!